Mussel Shoals


Mussel Shoals is a classic California beach enclave ideally situated between Santa Barbara and Ventura along the stretch of coastline known as the “Rincon.” It is home to a beachfront hotel and restaurant (the Cliff House Inn) and a famous surf break known as “Little Rincon.”

There is a privately owned pier and man-made island right off the beach at Mussel Shoals known as “Rincon Island.” In 2017, Rincon Island was added to the California Coastal Sanctuary, ending the last operational oil drilling and production facility in the Santa Barbara Channel. However, the pier is not accessible to the public.

Of all the beach communities along the Rincon, Mussel Shoals has the best beach, boasting lovely dry sand, whereas other Rincon locations have “wet” beaches that do not dry out between high tides.